We all know the story of Goldilocks—she was a very particular young lady who had no problems storming into a bear family’s home to eat their food and sleep on their beds. 


Goldilocks is one of the most popular children’s fantasy tales—but it’s completely imaginary. You might be surprised, then, to learn that your house has a lot in common with Goldilocks.


You see, your house won’t just settle for any air conditioning unit. You’ll need a unit that’s not too big and not too small—one that’s just right for your home. There’s a lot your HVAC technician will have to consider when sizing your AC unit, including:


  • The size of your home
  • Your levels of insulation
  • The direction the windows are facing
  • Tree coverage near your home
  • And more


When your AC unit is the wrong size, it can create a whole lot of different problems for you—costly troubles. We need to be like Goldilocks—very particular about the kind of unit we choose for your home. Here are some of the things that can go wrong if your unit isn’t properly sized:

You’ll spend more each year on cooling

When your AC unit is undersized, it will have to work harder to cool your home. An air conditioner that’s undersized will run practically all the time, while a properly sized air conditioner will run in cycles, saving you power (and money). That extra power adds up quickly, and you’ll soon be spending more than if you had just bought a properly sized system.


Improperly sized units are also more prone to wear and tear, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later on in this article. That wear and tear leads to less efficient units, and less efficiency means more money spent on cooling each year. 

Your home won’t be cool enough

Here’s a pretty universal truth: When your home isn’t comfortable, you’re going to adjust the thermostat. When you’re not cool enough, you’re going to crank the AC—and that means you’ll be spending more on cooling. 


Whether you’ve got an oversized or undersized AC system, you’ll find your home never reaches the proper temperatures. The problem with an undersized system is obvious—it can’t cool your home enough.


Oversized systems, on the other hand, will cool your home too quickly. Oversized units will also leave a home feeling cool, but too humid.  This will cause your oversized unit to cycle on and off repeatedly, which brings us to our next problem:

You’ll have to repair your AC unit more often

Whether it’s because your undersized unit is never turning off or because your oversized unit is cycling on and off too often, an improperly sized AC unit will lead to a whole lot of wear and tear. That wear and tear will lead your unit breaking down more often—and no one wants their AC to break down in the sweltering Texas heat.


These breakdowns need to be repaired, and those repair bills aren’t always cheap—even though we try to keep things as affordable as possible for our customers. The cost of repairs is going to add up over time. Worse yet, your AC might break down beyond repair, which brings us to our final point:

You’ll have to replace your AC unit sooner

You’ll probably want to replace your poorly-sized AC unit anyway, with all the cooling problems it will cause you. Even if you decide to stick with it, though, you’ll find it broken beyond repair much sooner than a properly sized AC system—that’s the result of non-stop wear and tear caused by overcycling or undercycling.


As you know, AC units are quite expensive. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to work with a trusted HVAC professional when purchasing a new AC unit. Never try to install a unit yourself. Never buy a used unit. Your AC needs to be sized to fit your particular home.

Trust the Comfort Crew for AC Installation

At Comfort Crew, we know what it takes to beat the Texas heat: An air conditioner that’s not too big and not too small but just right. Give us a call: We’ll help you select the perfect unit for your home. We offer AC installation and AC repair in Kyle, TX—and in the entire Hays County area.