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AC Repair, Installation & Maintenance in San Marcos, TX

AC trouble?

Is your air conditioner prepared to get you through the hot and humid summer? If your system is experiencing problems or showing signs of inefficiency, make sure it gets repaired or replaced before temperatures get higher.

Our experts at Comfort Crew provide a full range of cooling solutions. Give us a call to schedule your next AC repair, installation, or maintenance service.

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Don’t sweat it out—get your AC problem resolved quickly and efficiently with help from our team of experts. At Comfort Crew we make every effort to provide our customers with fast turnarounds and quality results. When you work with us, you will enjoy the personal attention, custom solutions, and transparent service you deserve.

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If you suspect a problem with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to contact our san marcos AC repair team for immediate service.

Are you noticing any
of the following issues?

If you suspect a problem with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to contact
our San Marcos AC repair team for immediate service.

  • You hear unusual sounds whenever your AC starts running
  • You’re getting warm instead of cool air
  • Puddles are forming around the air handling unit
  • Your unit is short cycling
  • You’re experiencing inconsistent temperatures


Replace Your AC and Enjoy Greater Energy Savings

The average air conditioner is expected to last ten to fifteen years. After that, your system may start to experience frequent problems. When this happens, it might be more cost-effective to replace your aging AC with a more efficient unit.

A new air conditioner will provide you with improved cooling efficiency and can even potentially reduce your electricity bills.

If you are prepared to install a new AC unit, make sure you work with a reliable HVAC contractor with a track record of successful equipment installations. The quality of installation is the most important factor that determines the health and long-term efficiency of your AC unit. A poorly installed system will only bring recurring problems and premature system failure.

A licensed and experienced HVAC contractor will be able to ensure a safe and accurate installation.

Our experts at Comfort Crew have been helping customers in San Marcos enjoy greater peace of mind since 1986—we will take the time to assess your cooling needs, provide you with properly sized AC equipment, and ensure a successful installation.

Avoid Unexpected Cooling Problems With Annual AC Maintenance

The most effective way to enjoy worry-free cooling is with yearly AC maintenance and tune-ups. Our experts offer annual service agreements that include comprehensive air conditioning maintenance during the spring. We will look for potential problems and have them fixed before they lead to more serious issues.

Contact us to learn more about our AC maintenance plans and sign up for annual service.

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Enjoy a hassle-free summer with quality AC solutions. Call (512) 883-2626 now for the best air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance services in San Marcos, TX.