It’s hard to imagine our lives without air conditioners.

In San Marcos, it’s no secret that the temperatures can get pretty high. That means your San Marcos AC system will be put to the test year-round.

Even though you feel the effects of your air conditioner indoors, part of the unit is kept outside. It’s referred to as the condenser unit, and its job is to release the warm air from your home into the outdoors.

As you mow the grass of your lawn, you may notice something unusual about your condenser unit. At the base is a puddle of water, big enough for your kids to splash around in!

That’s not a good sign. But why does it happen? Here are a few reasons why your outdoor condenser might be leaking water:

The pipes are clogged.

A block in the pipes can cause water leakages. Since your air conditioner is in a moist environment, there could be algae or mold growing inside of it. Just like the drains in your home, a clog can lead to water backups.

The air filter is dirty.

The filters that your AC uses to purify the air don’t last forever. Not all homeowners know this, but filters need to be changed or cleaned every few months.

Over time, they become blocked by dirt, hair, and other particles. Due to restricted airflow, the evaporator coils produce more ice. As it melts, it may overflow from the drain pan and result in a puddle.

The condensate pan is broken


This component is responsible for catching water that falls from the evaporator coils. After years of usage, the pan may become cracked or rusted, which allows water to leak.

The harder your unit works, the more water that builds up in (and leaks from) the condensate pan.

It’s cold outside.

Even though the weather is warm for most of the year, it gets a bit chilly and windy in the winter.

It can cause the cooling coils to freeze, which leads to a leak from the unit. When temperatures drop, remember to shut off your AC!

The refrigerant needs a top-up.

This compound is vital for the performance of your air conditioner: it absorbs heat and helps produce cool air. But if there isn’t enough of it, your AC unit will build up with pressure to the point that the evaporator coils freeze. As they melt, they’ll produce an excess of water outside the unit.

There’s air leakage.

Ever notice how when you bring a cold beverage outside, drops of condensation form on the glass? Now imagine what happens to your condenser when there’s an air leak, allowing hot outdoor air to infiltrate the unit. It produces the same type of condensation, which then leaks outside of the system.

To repair this issue, you will need a technician to inspect all the seals of the unit and look for any cracks or gaps.

The unit wasn’t installed correctly.

Setting up an AC unit is complicated, yet necessary. Without it, your home will fill up with heat. Anytime you set up a new cooling system, be sure that it’s installed by a licensed and certified technician.

A poor installation job can result in a condenser unit that isn’t level. Maybe the pipes aren’t the proper size or the drainage pipe wasn’t installed correctly. All these issues could explain the growing puddle by your condenser unit.

Concerned about your air conditioner? For air conditioning repair services, contact Comfort Crew! We’ll send one of our technicians to your home ASAP to inspect the issue and identify the proper fix.