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The Importance Of Service Maintenance Agreements

The Importance Of Service Maintenance Agreements - Comfy Air

The Importance Of Service Maintenance Agreements

August 24, 2021

Service maintenance agreements are essentially pre-purchased maintenance work for a given device or system – in our case, HVAC systems. These agreements are varied, but they all share a commonality: by purchasing the maintenance agreement in advance of the actual maintenance work, the consumer saves money.

Why should consumers purchase service maintenance agreements? 

If you plan on getting preventive maintenance done on a device (and we highly recommend you do), service maintenance agreements are the way to go. You’re getting the service for less, so if you were planning on hiring someone for preventive maintenance anyway, you’re saving money.

What’s more, most service maintenance agreements come with added bonuses to sweeten the pot. In our case, we discount diagnostic fee, give discounts on repairs, warranty our repairs for a year, and move our service maintenance agreement Club Members to the front of the line.

That sounds like a very good deal – so good, in fact, that some of you may be wondering if we’re being earnest. What do companies get out of service maintenance agreements? 

Quite a bit.

Why companies love service maintenance agreements

They’re guaranteed money. There are off-seasons for heating and cooling, and in those seasons we want our technicians to have plenty of work. When there are more maintenance agreements in place, our technicians have more to do – and we have a steady stream of income.

What’s more, service maintenance agreements are great for building our relationships with our clients. By providing regular preventive maintenance, your HVAC system will be less likely to need repairs. When it’s working well, you’re happy, and when you’re happy, we’re happy. 

Service maintenance agreements are a win-win

We get a steady stream of income, and the opportunity to provide our customers with better service. Through word-of-mouth and Trusted Service, that grows our business.

You get a discount on preventive maintenance, repairs, and more. You’ll be happier with the way your HVAC system works – more comfort and a longer lifespan for your system.

That’s a good, honest agreement between two parties who have each other’s mutual best interests in mind. 

So in a way, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Importance of Service Maintenance Agreements do have a lot in common! They’re both about the power of honest interactions – though we will admit, one is a lot funnier than the other.

We offer AC repair in San Marcos – and if you have a service maintenance agreement in place with us, those repairs come with a 15% discount. Here’s a full list of benefits you’ll receive when you join our Comfort Advantage Club for $199/year:

  • Discounted Diagnostic Fee of $59 ($89 Reg)
  • 15% Off Repairs
  • Spring & Fall Inspections
  • Priority Service (You move to the front of the line!)
  • 1-Year Warranty On Repairs
  • Agreements Are Transferable
  • Peace Of Mind
  • 5+ Year Old Gas Furnaces – Club Members Receive Free CO2 Monitor

Extend the life of your HVAC systems and avoid unnecessary repairs with preventative maintenance.  Give us a call today at (512) 883-4493!

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