Summer is fast approaching in San Marcos, and you want to be sure that your HVAC system is up for the task. How can you tell if it’s ready to handle the heat, or if it’s on the verge of a major breakdown?

Maintenance plans grant you peace of mind; you can trust that your system is functioning optimally. But that’s not all—the benefits that scheduled tune-ups provide are plentiful. Here’s why you should consider a maintenance plan for your HVAC system:


It Prevents Outages

Has your cooling system ever failed in the middle of a San Marcos summer? We hope not, because it’s not a good time. Your home can reach dangerous temperatures in a matter of hours. Imagine what will happen if the unit breaks down while you’re sleeping—you’ll wake up covered in sweat! Talk about a bad start to your day!

Think of it this way: we use our HVAC systems year round. Most of us have no issue tuning up our other regularly-used systems like our cars and our teeth, so why should your HVAC unit be any different?


Maintenance Plans are Cost-Effective

Many homeowners are reluctant to sign up for a maintenance plan—after all, who wants another bill to pay? However, regular HVAC tune-ups can actually save you money; here’s how:

Reduce repair bills & replacement costs.

Frequent breakdowns mean frequent repair bills. The cost of fixing various components puts a strain on your wallet. Maintenance plans can prevent repairs that result from undiagnosed issues.

Lower utility bills.

When your system operates inefficiently, it uses more energy than necessary to operate. This may be caused by dirty filters, broken components, or obstructions in the ducts and vents. All of these issues can be prevented with a maintenance plan.


Maintenance Keeps Your Warranty Intact

If your system is still under warranty, you could void it by failing to maintain the system. This is an unpleasant surprise for many homeowners who realize, too late, that they will need to foot the bill.

Each time your unit is serviced, you’ll receive documentation that will validate your warranty. If you plan on selling your home, maintenance records come with an additional benefit: they show potential buyers that the unit is in top shape!


Your System Will Last Longer

After paying to install a brand new furnace or air conditioner, you want to ensure that the system lasts as long as possible—a new unit is no small expense! Extend the lifespan of your HVAC system by investing in a maintenance plan.

If problems within the unit go undiagnosed, they’ll continue to cause damage. Damage accumulates until the system stops functioning altogether. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance prevents minor issues from developing into major expenses.


You Won’t Forget to Schedule a Tune-Up!

You may wish to forgo a maintenance plan and simply schedule tune-ups as needed. While this is always an option, it might not work for your busy lifestyle—how will you remember to schedule service when it’s due?

The Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement

Enjoy more efficient and reliable heating/cooling with our service agreement. This plan comes with advantages like:

  • Priority status. If your HVAC system breaks down, we offer a one-day replacement on all parts (except special order parts). You will have Priority Customer Status, and you’ll never receive an overtime charge!
  • A more reliable HVAC system. The benefits of maintenance plans make them incredibly cost-effective. When you schedule seasonal tune-ups, you’ll enjoy fewer repairs and lower utility bills. Better yet, you’ll have peace of mind from the enhanced safety of your system. Delay the cost of a replacement by regularly maintaining your heating and cooling system!
  • Additional benefits. We only send professionally-trained technicians to service your HVAC system. If we find that a repair is required, you’ll receive a 15% discount. And when the time comes to purchase a new system or move to another home, the service agreement is completely transferrable. 


For air conditioning repair in San Marcos, contact Comfort Crew! We offer an HVAC Maintenance Plan for $159 that includes a Spring & Fall visit. For a one-time tune-up, we charge $99 for the visit. Give us a call and we’ll get your HVAC system back on track!