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Texas HVAC Company Publishes Extensive Guide On How To Deal With A Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

Texas HVAC Company Publishes Extensive Guide On How To Deal With A Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

February 19, 2021

San Marcos, TX: Comfy Air, one of the fastest-growing HVAC companies in Texas, is pleased to announce the publication of their latest guide, which details how to deal with a frozen AC system. Air conditioning systems freeze more than might be expected, especially in the middle of the summer, when the AC is needed the most. However, many people are unaware that this is even an issue or how to go about dealing with the problem. 

The problem stems from the fact that the longer an AC unit is run, the more likely it is to freeze up. Comfy Air is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers. In an effort to help educate and inform their customers, they decided to create an extensive guide dealing with this particular topic. 

The guide, which is available free of charge here, covers a range of topics, including how to know if your AC is frozen (not as obvious as it might seem), how to defrost a frozen AC unit, how to find the source of the problem to prevent the AC from simply refreezing again, and the importance of monitoring the situation once having successfully dealt with the problem. 

“We take great pride in the service we offer our customers; integrity is non-negotiable, and all too often, we have seen issues with a frozen AC unit,” said Eddie Glidewell. “Many of these issues could be prevented relatively easily, and in situations where they can’t, homeowners must take urgent action to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that an AC unit can freeze, particularly in the middle of the summer, leading to further problems. With the publication of this guide, we are confident that our customers will have sufficient knowledge to either deal with the issue themselves or call us to solve the problem for them.”

Comfy Air is the leading HVAC company in San Marcos, committed to meeting the indoor comfort needs of residential and commercial customers. The company offers a range of different services, including the replacement of air conditioners, installation of new ductwork, and investigating and solving indoor air quality issues. For more information about the company and the services they provide, visit their website at

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